Therapies and Treatments

LSVT BIG Treatment

LSVT BIG is an intensive, amplitude-focused physical and occupational therapy approach developed and scientifically researched over the past 25 years with funding from the National Institutes of Health.

LSVT BIG Treatment

Certified Lymphedema Therapists:

Our certified staff therapists specialize in the treatment of lymphedema utilizing the Vodder technique.

This Manual Lymph Drainage technique utilizes a trained gentle massaging manipulation to move the skin over the underlying tissue resulting in the needed pumping effect required for the lymphatic system to distribute excess fluid in the affected area of the body.

Vital Stim:

This therapy is utilized by a Speech Language Pathologist specially trained and certified in the treatment of dysphasia. This therapy helps swallowing through the use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation.

The clinician will apply the Vital Stim while simultaneously working with the patient on swallowing exercises. With this treatment, research shows that recovery time from a restricted diet is accelerated and results attained are sustained, offering long-term results.


Certified in Contemporary Gerontological Practice:

Enhances credentials by helping the clinician better understand the unique strengths and challenges of older adults. With an emphasis on funding sources and strategies, certification also equips therapists to assist in the development of innovative programs to serve the aging population.

Certified Aquatic Therapists:

Research shows that with specifically designed activities, by a trained practitioner in aquatic therapy, clients can improve strength, balance and cardiovascular health. This results in a decrease in fall risk while also improving activity tolerance and independence in daily activities.

The decreased pain in their joints improves the quality of life of our clients with acute, transient or chronic disabilities, syndromes or diseases.

Bowel and Bladder Incontinence Management:

Studies show that nearly 51% of people age 65 and older report bladder/bowel incontinence. Our practitioners are specifically trained in identifying physical, environmental and behavioral factors impacting urinary continence.

Our clinicians then design a treatment plan to target the problem areas, resulting in decreased incontinence.

This will improve a client’s self-confidence, allowing the client to engage in daily and social activities they enjoy.

Trained Low Vision Therapists:

Many older adults experience age-related vision changes such as macular degeneration and glaucoma that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery.

Occupational Therapy practitioners help people with low vision function at the highest possible level by preventing accidents and injury, teaching new skills, modifying tasks or environments and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Wheelchair Evaluations and Fittings:

Our team includes clinicians specifically trained in assessing and recommending equipment and environmental modifications to increase a client’s accessibility throughout the home and community.

With a holistic evaluation, our clinicians are able to fit and customize mobility equipment, and are well-versed in providing the needed justification for funding sources to obtain the necessary equipment.

Pain Management:

We have clinicians certified in the use of specific modalities, including electrical stimulation, ultrasound and Kinesotape (Rock Tape).

This allows us to offer our clients assistance with pain management resulting in improved quality of life and independence with daily activities.