Trained Low Vision Therapists

As we age, many of us expect that we may not be able to move as quickly as we used to, or perhaps we may need a little more help with our day-to-day activities.

Often what is not considered is that just like the body ages, so do the eyes.

Many older adults experience age-related vision changes such as macular degeneration or glaucoma that cannot be corrected with eye classes, contact lenses or surgery.

Occupational Therapists can help clients with low vision deficits through adapting the tasks or their environment. Through low vision training, Occupational Therapists can maximize the client’s independence despite the low vision deficits that has affected the client’s function.

Lightning Therapy Occupational Therapist practitioners are specifically trained to teach low vision clients about the benefits and proper use of low vision techniques and adaptive equipment.

This includes training on modalities such as using lighting and magnifiers, teaching visual techniques like eccentric viewing, and assisting with simple environment/home modifications to name a few treatment strategies used by Lightning Therapy clinicians to improve function with patients who have low vision.